About us

Behind the brand: from dream to reality

A globetrotting creator! A girl who found her true calling in the world of textiles.

Rebeka has travelled half the world, each journey an adventure in itself and a magical part of her current life. After years of scouring the Earth for her own path, she found herself and decided that it is time to head back home. Forever on the move, without compromises - a seriously sensational pairing.

She creates: for those who desire true quality and for those who are not afraid to show their true selves. Not that long ago, SugaSuga was just a dream Rebeka had – today it is an actual underwear brand.

What is SugaSuga?

The creative and quality men’s undergarments of SugaSuga are meant for those who live in the moment instead of just trying to get by. Who dares to step out of their comfort zone and show themselves to the world. Who are not satisfied with wearing only tired-old grey and chequered boxer shorts, but are confident enough for more extraordinary designs.

Each piece comes in a unique design, created by up-and-coming graphic designers from all over the world, while the stylish cuts provide their wearers with great comfort.

The harmony of nature and humanity has become crucial to us. Instead of producing waste and endless consumption, we think sustainability is the future. The products are made from an eco-textile produced using reduced emission technology with unparalleled quality guarantees many years of wearability.

It is also easier to travel with only a couple of pairs, while still being unique and diverse.

Quality over quantity.

We hope you too will find yourself in these designs and pieces. Even better, in a little while, women can also experience the striking look and feel of SugaSuga undergarments.

Until then, have a look at our colourful collection of men’s underwear!

Thank you for being here!